Mandis Stackable Classroom Table Online – Boss’s Cabin

A smart, sleek and sturdy training table that is designed with application of bionics. As the name suggests its design is inspired by the shape of a mantis’s legs giving the table stability, flexibility and structural strenth. Perfect for all kinds of training rooms.


Designed by the prestigious Red-Dot award winning team of German architects this white laminate finished table is crafted with the highest quality E1 grade MDF wood and laminate for lasting durability, natural feel and luxurious looks. It is part of the Mandis series from which you can choose an entire range of matching tables, podiums etc for your class room or training areas. Go to our catalog section to download the entire catalog.

Product Specification:

Code           DM-71-1.6 Meter
Color          White & Red
Size             1600 W x 500 D x 750 H mm
Material     Laminate
Click here to buy Stackable Classroom Table or call us for more details at
+91 9840713200 / +91 9840713201.

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