Boss’s Cabin – Link Modular Workstation Clusters


Packed with features, Link Modular Workstation Clusters is a perfect choice for a small office as well as large workspace environments. It is scalable, has strong functionality and wire management system.

Made with a strong anodized aluminum frame and various other materials customized as per your needs. Our unique patented clip-on installation system imparts sturdiness and improves installation efficiency.

It is a versatile and top selling modular system that can be used to create individual cubicles as well as community work spaces in various shapes and configurations. It can be customized with a wide range of colors and material options on offer.

A sleek 42 mm thickness panel system with 90 and 120 degree connectivity options that lets you create a cost effective yet efficient solution to all your networking needs. Flip open, multiple raceway wire management systems and an array of accessories to choose from.

Call us with your requirements to get a quote.

Product Specification:


Code: Link – Cluster

Color: Laminate, Fabric, Aluminum & Steel

Size: Customized as per your floor plan

Material: Artificial Leather


Click here to buy this product or Go to our catalog section to download the entire catalog.


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