Seres Lounge Sofa Single Seater


Unique in its concept, Seres Lounge Sofa is beautifully designed the modern modular sofa that adds color & style to any space. Like blocks of a jigsaw puzzle, its various pieces can be combined to create vibrant and interesting configurations.

It is a fully upholstered chair with stainless steel base. Looks best in colorful fabric & can be configured in various shapes to fit into spaces large or small, from a lobby to a lounge. Call us with your requirements to get a quote.

Product Specification:

Category:  SEATING

Code: SFF-11-M1

Color: Various Colors

Size: 760 W x 775 D x 715/420 H mm

Material: Fabric

Price: Rs.20,700.00 (EMI options available at checkout)


Click here to buy or call us for more details at +91 9840713200 / +91 9840713201


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